Katy’s Final Project

This project was influenced by the increase in people working from home due to the pandemic. It is meant to signal that the workday is over and that you can now relax and unwind. With this tutorial, I will be taking you through the steps so that you can also make your own personal cocktail shaker that will turn on exactly at 5 pm, using a nodemcu. This project was inspired by the Crickit Shaker and utilizes the stl files from the Ruiz Brothers.

Through this project, I learned that an important step of any project is thorough planning. During the final assembly, I had to make many adjustments such as making a new button hole and using the previous hole for the power cord. Being able to fit the top on was also another challenge since I had not anticipated the new circuit assembly, I finally able to fit it on by clipping off some parts. I also learned how to video editing through shooting the video that promoted the product. 

In the future, I would like to incorporate more color into the project. Since I didn’t have the facilities to spray paint this project, I didn’t want to risk the uneven paint job that would result with acrylic paints. 

Link to instructable: https://www.instructables.com/Shkn/

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