IoT Intro Exercises + Final Project brainstorming

Here is the button exercise. The wifi exercise also worked, but I forgot to get a screenshot of it.

The idea I am most tied to is the infinity mirror, but I am still searching for the aha moment.

Idea One: compatible objects shared between family members. Light will go on when family member across country has signaled it.

Idea Two: Infinity mirror that will print uplifting messages for moments of existential dread.

Idea Three: A cloud that mimics the weather conditions outside with sound and light. It responds to clapping hands.

One thought on “IoT Intro Exercises + Final Project brainstorming”

  1. Great brainstorm, Katy! Some thoughts:
    1. It’s straightforward to use the Internet Valentine project shown in IoT class lesson 6 as a base for any set of two telepresence objects. When you add in a third object and want to know which of the other two sent the message, the code will get just a little bit more complex (not impossible). Answering questions about who exactly would be using this set could help inform what type(s) of sensors/triggers you use.
    2. how would the infinity mirror show messages? an alphanumeric display like in this mirror project, perhaps? uses the same one-way mirror stuff as the infinity mirror… in general, infinity mirrors are a little cliche, but it’s because they are cool-looking. So I’d ask you to differentiate yours somehow from the oodles that exist online. The messages bit could be just the ticket.
    3. Thanks to Richard Clarkson (inaugural PoD class), cloud lamps are even more cliche than infinity mirrors. This class has a moratorium on cloud projects (sorry!).

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