IoT Intro Exercises + Final Project Brainstorming

Software Wifi connection. I recorded additional videos showing the connection no longer failed but am having trouble uploading them to Youtube.
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Three Proposals for the Final Project

The ideas I had were as follows:

  1. An LED display on your kitchen cabinet that shows how many clean glasses you have left. The display is connected to either photo sensors or pressure sensors within coasters that the glasses are put on. The display counts how many sensors are activated at a time.
  2. A combination vase / bookend that connects to your calendar and shows how long until your next event if you don’t want to look at your phone.
  3. A device that notifies you on your phone when your laundry is done. The device has motion sensors that detect the vibrations of the washer / dryer and sends a notification when the machine stops vibrating.

One thought on “IoT Intro Exercises + Final Project Brainstorming”

  1. Fun project brainstorm, Margarita!
    Some thoughts:
    1. What’s the backstory on this idea? Who is it for, and what is the goal? Detecting many objects with pressure sensors could get expensive, so I’d encourage you to think about other ways to indirectly measure what you’re trying to detect, even if it’s a little less accurate, such as detecting when the cabinet door opens and closes. What/where is the output? Is it intended to alert someone when glasses are running low?
    2. Should be pretty doable, but maybe consider that it should do two things instead of three (vase or bookend, not both, if it’s also going to be a display). Look at the Google Calendar integration for IFTTT, which can trigger an event (a color change?) at a certain number of minutes before the start time of a cal event.
    3. OMG this would be so useful for me. Letting wet clothes sit like they’re going out of style over here. Should be doable, but will require testing to figure out the best sensor and pattern to detect. Please elaborate on the behavior of your laundry machines. For instance, my washer loudly disengages the lid lock when it’s finished, so placing a piezo element (detect vibration), vibration switch, or microphone nearby might all be valid approaches. Some machines have a buzzer you might be able to listen for.

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