IoT Feather blink & IoT Project Sketches – Anne

Here is the the initial sketch loaded and blinking the on board LED:

Here is the board connected to my wi-fi and talking to my router:

Here is the video of the Feather Huzzah board with the blink sketch:

IoT Project proposal sketches

My ideas are gathering around three possible projects and I am :

  1. Idea #1: a motion-activated project that would help monitor if the dog has been fed for a household where more than one person feeds the dog and the dog is on medication that is administered with meals and should not be doubled up. Information would be available on our smartphone indicating whether the dog bowl had been moved in the two time periods for breakfast and dinner.
  2. Idea #2: A “building block” for artists who would like to place discrete animations or scrolling text drawn from web servers into their static 3D work. This one I’m not sure can be done on the Feather. I’ve seen only instructions for doing this in Python. However, if this can be forked onto Arduino Feather without becoming lossy due to limited file size for images etcetera then this could be a cool way to get moving images and text into small scale art installations.
  3. Idea #3: Visual “what’s the weather, what do I need” device. This is a riff on a weather station except that it takes the typical data of temperature, humidity etc. that is usually displayed in weather stations and makes it available in an “at-a-glance” platform that answers visually critical questions like “do I need my sunglasses and sunhat” and “do I need my umbrella” and “do I need my hat and gloves” as well as signaling if there is severe weather. In addition to these visual cues, this weather device also has 1-2 OLED displays for more information if the user wants to see temp, what the weather warning is, etc.

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  1. Great brainstorm, Anne! Some thoughts:
    1. This should be doable, and you have lots of options for how to detect if the action has taken place. I could imagine sensing on/around the bowl or on/around the food or medication. If the bowl is always lifted before feeding, it might be as simple as putting a photoresistor under the bowl. I sometimes pick up my dog’s bowl but sometimes I just put food in it where it is, so I’d probably use a microphone or piezo element to detect the vibrations/sounds of the dog eating. Like the photocell, the sensor could be underneath the bowl, perhaps in a mat of some kind.
    2. This idea seems a bit more abstract in its audience than the others. Creating tools for others is tough. I encourage you to narrow down the problem statement for this idea to see if that helps bring some more direction. Yes you can display text and simple graphics (not image or video files) using your feather. Here are some example projects:×7-7×15-charlieplex-led-matrix-charliewing-featherwing
    3. Very achievable, gives you lots of room to play with the user interface. wifi weather display example could be a good jumping off point for you: . Consider the internet as a source of weather data, but if you’re feeling up for it, you could create an additional device with sensors that inform your display (just dangle it out the window…). You might not be satisfied with the data options that come out of IFTTT for weather, so look into it and see if anything you really want is missng (like humidity, for example).

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