Sketches of Yiwu’s final project

1, This is a small lamp for long-distance couples. There are two in total, each of which has a PIR sensor. When it feels someone in the range, the other one’s light will turn on.
So we can connect two people in this way.

2, This is a monitor worn on a hat. I choose on my mobile phone, it can express my emotions on my behalf. Such as being happy or surprised. I don’t need to talk. I can always play on the phone.
This will look very cool. Be like I don’t want to talk to you at all.

3, Or I can make some improvment on the cloak I made for Halloween…

One thought on “Sketches of Yiwu’s final project”

  1. Fun ideas, Yiwu! Here are some thoughts:
    1. This is a very doable and customizable idea. You can use the code from the lesson 6 or the internet valentine project and modify it to your desired inputs and outputs. I don’t think a PIR motion sensor is the right sensor for your project. PIR motion sensors are good at detecting if someone enters a room or walks by. They have a wide field of view and would be constantly triggering if it were pointed at you sitting at your desk. If you want to detect a hand moving closer to the object, you should use a distance sensor, such as the ultrasonic type (such as or the infrared type (such as
    2. This is a fun flashy idea. It doesn’t give you as much opportunity to be creative, and would be quite a lift in terms of construction and code. The main tutorial that comes to mind for this type of thing is this scrolling message top hat: which uses NeoPixel strips. Here’s a bluetooth LED matrix project I made that could be useful: For scrolling, I made a project a while back that uses a flexible LED matrix, but it used a cell phone module, so would not be a great example to look at for bluetooth or wifi behaviors.
    3. Are you interested to pursue your Halloween cloak further? What improvements would you make?

    I’m open to whichever idea you pick.

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