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A brief description:

This is a remote interactive device. Two people each own a device. When your device senses your presence, the other party’s device will light up. In this way we want people to connect with each other.
It consists of an ESP8266 board/two LED lights/an infrared ranging module.
In the future, it can make some changes in shape and color. At the same time, you can also change the effect of the light to make the light move.

Project prototype and tutorial draft

this is stage 1. only a sensor works.
this is stage 2. when sensor is triggered, yellow LED shines and it send a message to Adafruit IO and get back. Then the red one shines.

I checked on the same one with two codes and this idea is working. I only need to assemble another one. And have a shell for it.

Google Doc



I’m not quite sure what exactly I am going to do. 

But one thing is more certain.

This is my first product video. 

So I must make it simple.

The best is a piece of soft music, a few shots, and some text. 

It’s done.

This is the best.

More IoT and Final Project Planning-Yiwu

this is the moniter version.

what we see on Adafruit website.

email I recived by clicking on the botton.

video for PIR motion sensor. The holding state seems to be a little bit long.

Final project:

list of components and parts:

one more ESP8266 board and PIR motion sensor.

Some female-male lines.

Two small breadboard

Two power lines with switch.

circuit diagram:

Sketches of Yiwu’s final project

1, This is a small lamp for long-distance couples. There are two in total, each of which has a PIR sensor. When it feels someone in the range, the other one’s light will turn on.
So we can connect two people in this way.

2, This is a monitor worn on a hat. I choose on my mobile phone, it can express my emotions on my behalf. Such as being happy or surprised. I don’t need to talk. I can always play on the phone.
This will look very cool. Be like I don’t want to talk to you at all.

3, Or I can make some improvment on the cloak I made for Halloween…

Flow——Yiwu’s Halloween Costume

At the beginning, I wanted to imitate the flow of light. After making it finally, I have to admit that there are actually tapes everywhere inside. I used a light strip close to 3.5m, which made it almost impossible for me to sew it.

In the process, I learned that I need to make reasonable use of the functions that have been written. Don’t reinvent the wheel. At the same time, I especially enjoy this process. I haven’t written a program for a long time.

Compared to humans, the program is cute. Yes is yes and no is no. If I can do it again, I will definitely not buy such thick clothes. There is no light at all. I can only stick the light strip on the outside and then cover it with a layer of black cloth.

Cloak –

LEDs –

Battery –

Devices –

code link –

This is the first time I successfully lit up on the board
This is the first test after porting the code to a longer LED strip. Just modify the light flow speed/color change speed/number of bulbs.
This is a comparison of my own rewritten code. Before it could only have a moving light spot. After I rewrote the code, it can have 2 light spots that move at the same time. This is very helpful for my future design. Because I connected the control input of the light strip from beginning to end. So I can’t just have a moving light spot.
This is a test after connecting the new part. In fact, I soldered a meter of light strip to the back. But then it had a bug that I couldn’t understand. I know it may be related to the upper current limit of the arduino driver board. So I used a 12v battery. But in the process of step-down, I think it affects a certain waveform of the current. The flash pattern of the light strip after the battery is finally connected is completely incomprehensible. So I can only reduce the number of light strips from 5 to 3 in order to use arduino for power supply.

Some other photos in process.

Halloween costume progress

This is a robe. I put the LED light strip inside. It can hear outside sounds. When you wear it and walk into a forest at night, white light will flow slowly over it. When you wear it into parties and clubs, it will be stimulated by sound. After that, it will emit a rainbow-colored and fast-flowing light effect.

This is my sound module, battery and transformer module. My LED strip has not arrived yet. Because I bought the wrong light strip before, then I chose to return it on the software. After purchasing the correct light strip later, I forgot that I had already returned the product. Then I took the correct light strip back again. After discovering this, I bought the correct item again, but it won’t arrive until the day after tomorrow. So I decided to do the code first.

I need more time to complete a code. I will make up this part before the course starts.

The light is flowing, but because I have too few LEDs, I can’t see it clearly.

Yiwu’s Hallowenn custom

This dress is a cloak. At the beginning, I wanted to catch the light. Because light will slow down in special materials. I think we can have a material that can slow the flow of light so that the human eye can see it?
In the end I found it impossible, at least for now. So I want to use leds to simulate the flow of light. Then put it in the clothes.
After this idea was formed, because I had referenced the code of the project I was wearing on my head, the code of this project did not seem to change. I thought about how to change it. So I decided to add a sensor. Let it make some changes. Finally, I decided to use a sound sensor to change the light state according to the size of the external sound.

I used the RGBW light strip and sound detection module. I also bought a super large battery.

As for the Arduino technique(s) I’m using, I will combine the light drop and rainbow in the Arduino code..

Yiwu’s Neopixel Circuit and Halloween Costume Brainstorming

I don’t have white color on that board. So it’s not running in the right way.

Then I checked to code to understand how it works.

After doing this, I created my Halloween Costume Brainstorming. I was inspired by cyber wig and wanted to make something that also allows light to flow. I will make it into a dress. In this way, the room for improvement in the later stage will be larger.

At the same time, I hope it can have some interactive functions with the environment if possible. So I also reserved space and routes for adding sound controllers in the future.

I also wrote them logic of coding.

Yiwu’s plush night light

This night light comes from meat bone toys. I choose this because it has four angles so I can put four lights inside. I intended to make some hand toys but they were not suitable for the requirment. This is used to make people feel relaxed. Although it’s a little bit tricky, I think the user will love this little cutie no matter how I design it. After all I made this.

Things used: cardboard, brown fabric, ping-pong ball, lights, Foam

This is the start of sewing. I tried to make it meticulous.

I used the foam to diffuse the light, since I bought the wrong blue lights which has a very strong directivity.

Also I used ping-pong balls to make light more gentle.

I found the most challenging part to be the sewing part. I sew twice to make it clear because at the first time I sew I didn’t do it perfectly. So I have to cover it up after done. If I had more time I would sew more carefully from the beginning.

Yiwu’s Plush Night Light Proposal



Circuit diagram

Description of my night light’s story and the target user

This is for my girlfriend. A few days ago I told her this project. She always likes soft toys since I remember. So next week I’m going to redo a soft hand toy. This is a test of the process and the light color. I think purple is so ideal when done.

Description of the parts and materials I plan to use

I’m using pp cotton. It’s soft and light. Aslo with a unparalleled penetrability for lights.

The material used in prototype was from old clothes. Very thin. I plan to use a thicker one since it would provide a better shape outside.

Images of my three early brainstorm sketches