Yiwu’s plush night light

This night light comes from meat bone toys. I choose this because it has four angles so I can put four lights inside. I intended to make some hand toys but they were not suitable for the requirment. This is used to make people feel relaxed. Although it’s a little bit tricky, I think the user will love this little cutie no matter how I design it. After all I made this.

Things used: cardboard, brown fabric, ping-pong ball, lights, Foam

This is the start of sewing. I tried to make it meticulous.

I used the foam to diffuse the light, since I bought the wrong blue lights which has a very strong directivity.

Also I used ping-pong balls to make light more gentle.

I found the most challenging part to be the sewing part. I sew twice to make it clear because at the first time I sew I didn’t do it perfectly. So I have to cover it up after done. If I had more time I would sew more carefully from the beginning.

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