Margarita’s Personalized Pacific Plushie

The Personal Pacific Plushie is a whale plush night light that was custom-made for two children ages 3 and 6 who share a bedroom. As the night light will be in both of their rooms, it is important that both children share a sense of ownership over the night light that is reflected by implementing features both enjoy. The whale plush night light combines two of each child’s favorite features in their plushies. The three year old loves purple and the six year old likes re-engineering his toys. The Personal Pacific Plushie is a purple and grey whale that has two detachable parts, the grey narwhal horn and the purple dorsal fin. The whale comes not lit up but has a buttoned flap that can be opened by the parents to find the on/off switch. The parents can turn on the switch to enable the blue lights by the tale and the fins, and the white lights by the detachable sections to light up and function as a night light. The lights serve to make the plush seem like the whale is swimming underwater.

Circuit Diagram

Soldering was new for me and initially it was a little overwhelming because I wanted to make sure that the wires would all be attached properly to the battery pack so the LEDs would work. I actually didn’t know if they would work and decided to attach all of them at once since I only had one battery pack and hope for the best. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked great. What challenged me the most during this time was definitely not being sure if the soldering would work or not. If I had more time to work on this project, spend more time on my stitching to ensure that each of the pieces was sewn together more neatly and consistently. I would also make the shape of the whale’s head more gradually turn into the tail shape than the dramatic shift that it has now. I would also want to find a better way to stick the detachable pieces on the whale. I used the velcro which is fine but it doesn’t stick as well as I would like. I would also want to look into how to make the narwhal horn have more of a spiral.

Materials: 100% pure linen: purple and grey, Poly-fill, Purple and grey thread, 3 AAA batteries, 3 slot AAA battery pack holder with switch, 4 Blue LEDs, 2 White LEDs, 6 200 Ω resistors, 26 wires, 4 pieces of fabric velcro

In Progress Images