Halloween costume progress

This is a robe. I put the LED light strip inside. It can hear outside sounds. When you wear it and walk into a forest at night, white light will flow slowly over it. When you wear it into parties and clubs, it will be stimulated by sound. After that, it will emit a rainbow-colored and fast-flowing light effect.

This is my sound module, battery and transformer module. My LED strip has not arrived yet. Because I bought the wrong light strip before, then I chose to return it on the software. After purchasing the correct light strip later, I forgot that I had already returned the product. Then I took the correct light strip back again. After discovering this, I bought the correct item again, but it won’t arrive until the day after tomorrow. So I decided to do the code first.

I need more time to complete a code. I will make up this part before the course starts.

The light is flowing, but because I have too few LEDs, I can’t see it clearly.

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