Isabell’s Process of Costume:

I tried to make my own cape for the costume but I realized it was going to not look the way I wanted too so I decided to modify a costume. Here is the cape that came in the mail. I also got a long strand of RGB LEDs to connect with the cape.

The Story:

This vampire cape is going to be able to be a mood cape just like a mood ring its going to change colors according to the mood of the person who wears it. The colors will be:

Red = Happy Blue = Angry Yellow = Thirsty All sorts of colors = Sleepy

This cape is for vampires and vampire’s friends who cannot tell their expression in their faces. The mood will be able to help friends and also help the vampire understand their emotions.

Circuit Board:

I found out how to code the all sorts of colors one and need to work one codes for each of the moods!

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