Yiwu’s Hallowenn custom

This dress is a cloak. At the beginning, I wanted to catch the light. Because light will slow down in special materials. I think we can have a material that can slow the flow of light so that the human eye can see it?
In the end I found it impossible, at least for now. So I want to use leds to simulate the flow of light. Then put it in the clothes.
After this idea was formed, because I had referenced the code of the project I was wearing on my head, the code of this project did not seem to change. I thought about how to change it. So I decided to add a sensor. Let it make some changes. Finally, I decided to use a sound sensor to change the light state according to the size of the external sound.

I used the RGBW light strip and sound detection module. I also bought a super large battery.

As for the Arduino technique(s) I’m using, I will combine the light drop and rainbow in the Arduino code..