Qiting’s Halloween Custom

I plan to make a black wedding veil(hair pieces) and dress it with red led. I want it light up when slightly wobbling. It’s a vampire bride costume so that I also want to add two ghostes as decoration. In order to do this, I would need:

  1. Vibration sensor switch(5 different types for testing, SW-18015P/SW-460D/SW-1820P/SW520D/SW200D)
  2. Led strip(ws2812b)
  3. Black wedding veil(hair pieces)
  4. Ghost toys decoration
  5. Wire
  6. Battery
  7. Hot glue
  8. Felt fabric

I found a tutorial on how to use the vibration switch. Basically, it just a switch that triggered by shaking. The connection method is the same as a normal switch. The sensitivity and the pin of each vibration switch are different, so that I brought 5 different types to test which one is more suitable.

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