Gaoming’s Halloween Costume

Pumpkin Cloak

My idea is to design a cloak with pumpkin features and lighting effects with Arduino. It was developed from my idea of a pumpkin scarf. I didn’t find any material is suitable for a scarf, but discovered a black cloak I bought for a school performance. My design shift from scarf to a cloak, I was going to add leaves on the top of the shoulder area with green LEDs inside. In front of the chest, I would make three to four different sized pumpkin plush, with yellow LEDs inside. These pumpkins would be sewed on top of buckles on the cloak.

touch sensor

For Arduino, with the help of touch sensors, yellow lights inside each pumpkin would blink randomly once you touch them, to create the effect of dimly lit. In terms of coding, I was thinking of making adjustment based on the examples of the blink code.



Above on the left is image of cloak I will be using in the design. For creating different sized pumpkins, I bought this kind of fluffy cloth on the right. With polyfill inside, I also ordered black materials as their eyes, which are still on the way.