Project prototype and tutorial draft

this is stage 1. only a sensor works.
this is stage 2. when sensor is triggered, yellow LED shines and it send a message to Adafruit IO and get back. Then the red one shines.

I checked on the same one with two codes and this idea is working. I only need to assemble another one. And have a shell for it.

Google Doc



I’m not quite sure what exactly I am going to do. 

But one thing is more certain.

This is my first product video. 

So I must make it simple.

The best is a piece of soft music, a few shots, and some text. 

It’s done.

This is the best.

3 thoughts on “Project prototype and tutorial draft”

  1. Hi Yiwu, have you thought about how the light will be diffused within the project? If you are doing a soft enclosure, then I think the stuffing would be a great way to diffuse light

  2. For the video, you could write our script first, do some sketches and count how many shots you would need, hope that would help!

  3. Hey Yiwu. I like the idea you’re working here with. I would suggest building a nice wire frame for your cube, and then hot glue muslin to it. It will create a nice slick yet cozy feeling with the muslin and wire. You can always add more details to the structure if you have extra time. Otherwise, even just the wire frame with all the tech inside and the muslin “walls” would look really nice.

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