Zekun’s final project preparation

1. prototype circuit

I’ve been searching for materials that I can refer to for the LED matrix.





This matrix will have different modes, sleepy, excited, and angry, but I’m not sure how to trigger each emotion.

2. Form Development

Most of the small-size LED matrixes are diffused in square shapes, but I like the effect of the picture below. So I’m also considering using a circular grid.

3. storyboard

one shot of all materials needed

assembling process (or something like an exploded view)

testing and adjusting with it hanging on the wall

a person walking by it and walking out of the frame with the pixels showing a image changes to pixels randomly blinking

a montage of the sky changing from day to night with the pixels from sleepy( light color, blinking slowing) to excited (bright color constantly blinking and changing color) and to sleepy.

4. Instructables


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