Zekun’s IoT exercises and brainstorming

All of my concepts start with one simple idea, what if products have life? I been collecting the image of this kind of fun product that accidentally looks alive. And they makes me wonder what if products are alive, how will they act? 

The first concept is a LED light made by NeoPixel LEDs, the light will show normally when there are people in the room, and the pixels will scattered or light up randomly like they are chilling and talking to each other when people are absent.

The second concept is a clock that “fall asleep” after working for 10 minutes, and you have to wake it up by shaking it.

The third concept is an angry alarm clock that goes crazy when you ignore it. (vibrating, showing random number and shaking if possible)

One thought on “Zekun’s IoT exercises and brainstorming”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Zekun!
    1. What a cute idea! This reminds me of Toy Story. You could consider pitching it as a few different use cases: cute, pranks, and spooky Halloween haunted house (and more, I’m sure). A PIR motion sensor would be perfect for this idea.
    2. What’s the use case for shaking the clock? It’s pretty easy to decide to light up or /not/ light up a numeric display based on the input from a sensor (i’m guessing you’d use a vibration switch in this case). Without reading more detail motivating this behavior, I don’t think this project solves a problem or enhances an experience.
    3. These angry alarm clocks exist! That doesn’t mean you can’t make one, just be sure to do the research about what’s out there already. I like this one that rolls away from you so you have to get out of bed: https://www.amazon.com/Clocky-Rolling-Sleeper-Bed-Room-Run-away/dp/B000TAS9XQ You can put a big vibrating motor in yours such as https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. (make sure it’s 5v or 3v, not 12v)

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