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Final Project Brainstorming:

Idea 1:

This is the first idea that I thought of inspired from the interactive drake pillow I saw from past students. Since I love music, I thought it would be a fun and lasting project. I am not 100% about if I can obtain all the parts I need in Korea but i would need to research how long it will take to come.

Idea 2:

Due to the time differences in class, sometimes there is a tension between family members because they may not know what time I have slept the night before. Therefore, to communicate if I have slept early, normal, or late time would be placed outside on my door so that my family members will know not to wake me up.

Idea 3:

From inspiration from the half marathon training lamp, I thought if I plan on going on a diet for my health a diet process lamp would motivate me. If i saw a lamp slowly being filled with my goals, I would feel motivated to reach my goal!

One thought on “IoT exercises & Final Project Brainstorming – Isabell”

  1. Great brainstorm, Isabell! Here are my thoughts:
    1. You can get the adafruit audio fx board from this korean store: . I found it by going to the product page on adafruit and scrolling to the bottom to look at the Distributors list (, then seeing if any of them were in Korea– that’s a tip for any adafruit product for which there is not a suitable alternative. By itself it doesn’t need an arduino to play sounds– you can find plenty of example projects that use just the sound board with speakers and switches (for example: For this project I’d like you to incorporate Arduino in some way, and you can control the sound board with Arduino, either by acting like switches or with some Serial code (for example:
    2.This is a pretty feasible idea. There are a few ways you can sense that you’ve gone to sleep (if it’s dark in the room, maybe a light sensor, or maybe you always put your phone in the same place on your nightstand so a light sensor or pressure sensor could go there, or use a PIR motion sensor to detect lack of motion in the room for a period of time, etc.). Using the internet is not necessary for this idea but could be helpful for telling time or for creating two devices that are physically far apart (clock on your door and sensor near your bed, for example).
    3. Feasible, as you saw in the marathon training lamp. How do you plan to track your diet process? Is there an app you currently use? I’m curious what type of diet data you’re tracking, which might help give some direction to your form.

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