Katy’s Progress

Progress shot

1. Circuit Progress

Pictured above is the progress I made on my circuit diagram. Although this works through Tinkercad, I will need to add a motor driver to the next version of this.

2. Form progress

I am utilizing stl files from the Ruiz Brothers. I changed the box enclosure to fit the parts I got such as the illuminated button and patched up some other holes. I am currently in the midst of talking to two different people for printing, the vfl and another person.

Supplied stl files from the Ruiz Brothers

3. Storyboard Description

The scene starts on the profile of a woman at her computer. She is typing and she starts reaching for her coffee mug, promptly knocking it over and creating a mess. The camera will follow her for more scenes where she gets food on herself, etc. Her frustration with the day becomes more evident until she looks over at the clock on the wall and she realizes its almost five. The look on her face changes from frustration to contentment and she heads to the kitchen. The camera zooms in on the profile of the shaker. It turns on now that is 5pm and the woman touches the button to turn it off. She grabs her drink, relaxes, and exclaims an audible ahhh. The last shot will be of her setting a glass into the shaker for tomorrow. 

3. Links

Here is the link to my google doc:


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  1. We have used l298N as a motor driver. You can have a try. This drive requires power supply.

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