IoT Weather Reminder – Anne

Link to instructions draft: Google doc (contains also materials and tools list.)

Link to Instructables page:

Circuit Progress photos:

Progress shot showing the jumpers that need to be soldered for the displays.
circuit on breadboard and tripler (in progress and showing only 2 of 3 alphanumeric displays)
Working circuit just before being disassembled to be soldered on permaboard.
Soldering of circuit on permaboard in progress.

Model (in progress, the final circuit will be mounted inside an 8″x8″ shadow box. This is the front view.)

Circuit Diagram

The PIR at the top toggles the scrolling text. The neopixels light based on weather conditions from Weather Underground. The 7 segment displays forecasted high temperature for the day. The small OLED displays today and tomorrow’s brief forecast.

Video Storyboard