Vtech Phone Teardown


1 Front cover  – Injection molded plastic 

2. Back over – Injection molded plastic 

3. Back battery cover – Injection molded plastic 

4. inner keypad – Silicon 

5. outer dial keypad – Injection molded plastic 

6. Volume control button – Injection molded plastic

7. Selection keys – Injection molded plastic

8. Talk / Off keys – Injection molded plastic

9. Battery pack – Voltage: 2.4V – Capacity: 600mAh

10. Main circuit board

11. 1.25″x 1.5  monochrome LCD panel – Glass

12. LCD mounting tape – Magnetic tape

13. Screen backing square – Plastic

14. Screen backing – Injection molded plastic 

15 Screen back holder – Injection molded plastic 

16. Front screen covering – Injection molded plastic

17. Front screen protectant – Foam

18. Receiver – magnetic, metal

19. Speaker – magnetic, metal 

20. Speaker clip – metal

21. Screws – metal

Circuit board parts:

Dsp det9rf19zcnc

J13.824d 1607-20

Sc1602- battery

 Bl24c1 53713p

Tools used:

Small Philips screwdriver

Small flathead screwdriver


One design element that interested me were the layers of plastics and protectants on the screen.  I assumed that a phone without a touch screen would just have fewer things on it.  

I was also very interested in the dial buttons both in plastic and in silicon.  I have never thought about what the keys looked like in a phone and how they interacted with the circuit board.  And I was surprised to see how the keys are thinly laid out in injection molding plastic.

I would say overall that I was surprised at how few parts were in the inner portion of the phone, and how the majority of its volume is plastic.  I often think these phones are too light and I assume that the designer made so much out of a light plastic for cost reasons.

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