Facial Cleaner Teardown

Components and how it made

  1. Rubber shell: Injection molding
  2. Botton tape: Sticker print
  3. Charger area: (Plastic + metal)Injection molding
  4. Charger light cover: Injection molding
  5. Plastic shell: Injection molding
  6. Plastic shell: Injection molding
  7. Screw and nail: Metal cutting
  8. Screw and nail: Metal cutting
  9. Fasten tape
  10. Plastic piece: Injection molding
  11. Circuit: Welding
  12. Circuit: Welding
  13. Charger
  14. Pump


  1. Screwdriver
  2. Cutting knife

Circuit functions:

  1. 11:MR-1595N –Main Switch
  2. 12:MR-1595_LED –Lights control

Interesting Design Element

Firstly I really like the rubber shell outside, the rubber has different texture in different area for different function. I knew this product is waterproofed but I didn’t understand how it works. I thought my first step would be cut the rubber and then I noticed there are nails hide between the charger area and the body part. When I trying to pear it off I noticed how it covers the plastic and how it proofs water– it sticks and holds the plastic tightly and then has been fastened by nails on the bottom.

What come next is when I trying to go further to see what’s inside, it was hard to open the plastic shell. I used cutting knife to test if there is anyplace could open but apparently they have been glued tight. So I decide to destroy the corner of the switch cuz it’s the only place that is flexible. I didn’t expect this vibrate machine is that small though, also the power supply is slightly bigger than I thought too!

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