Susan’s latest progress

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Description and/or storyboard for your project video

My video script:

  1. After finishing the online zoom class and some homework, I got really tired and decided to go to sleep. My cat sneaks into my room and pees on my bed again.
  2. I saw the pee and I looked so upset, this is not the first time she does it. I checked the poop box and food bowl, everything was fine but the kitty just kept peeing on my bed. 
  3. I decided to make something to help her adjust her behavior. Then I figured that she only pee in a specific area on my bed.
  4. I started to test the input sensors: smell sensor and the humid sensor won’t work, cuz they only detect after she peed, the motion sensor is too sensitive, the ultrasonic distance sensor is my final pick of the input in my device. Then the output, my kitty doesn’t like the strong smell and weird noise, so I decide to make something either press the air-fresher button or make some noise. Piezo is a good choice because it is easy to test in this situation so far.
  5. When I built the circuit, I wanted to make a cover to make my device look more like a real product.
  6. Work is done. Function presenting. How the lights reflect the status of the device, how it works with different distances, how it triggers the piezo, and what message I receive from it.

Susan’s Final Project

1 The first idea is make a physical clock that could help me visually follow my 8 hours diet plan. I am thinking about to change my old IKEA clock but also could planning to make a new one.

2 I am so bothered by the cat pee issue, trying to find a way to solve this problem. I haven’t figure out what is the possible method/sensor to make it work.

3 A mirror that could help me on the time management/distraction issue, if I pick it up too many times in a period of time, then it will give me some visual feedback.

Goofy Mask

Shopping list

  1. Mask:
  2. Neopixel Rings:
  3. Copper foil:
  4. Neopixel Stripe:

In this week, I assembled every part together, thank god my soldering skill has improved a little bit in this process. This work turned out pretty close to my imagination, however, the Arduino board didn’t work well with it. I have the Tinkercad worked, the file transport is fine too, it’s just when I trying to connect the 5V and Ground the board directly turned dark, I haven’t figured what to do yet.

Susan’s Halloween costume

So from this week, I had my updated version of halloween costume design, which is a combination of “demon mask” and “Rainbow sweater”. The reason why I come up with this idea is because I was considering to put the packs in an appropriate place, which is in the hoodie and the pocket of the sweater! So as the drawing shows, the design part are A and C. I have been discussed and suggested of better connecting solution and better sensor/switch to use by classmates and Becky, which is really helpful!

Susan’s NeoPixel circuit and Halloween costume

Solder practice: I am so happy that this ugly solder works!

Here is my 12 unit NeoPixel circuit on Tinkercad. Since my NeoPixel doesn’t have “White” color, I hided the “PulseWhite” function to make runs more smoothly without a blank pause.

Here is the real circuit, it looped fluently.

All of my main changes are in this page:

  1. I deleted the “W”
  2. I changed the “colorWipe” function in 7 colors and hold in longer time
  3. I hided the “PulseWhite” function

Sketch Ideas for Halloween costume:

Though I drew a bunch of them just for fun and explore the ideas, I like the mask and hoodie most. I have been thinking about different solutions to the neopixel circle size and power supply. Looking for more sensors/functions on my costume.

Yellow Bunny Night Light

The first intention was made a cuddle cushion for kid, I love the material I chose so I feel like it could be interesting to sit in living room.
This is the prototype to test the size. I didn’t realize that this might be a little bit too small at that time.
Test material for the brightness. Looking good!
After I finished sewing I figured two things. One is this size is kinda small for cuddling but perfect as a carry purse maybe. The second thing is, this fabric is so good for making a Pikachu! I should make the ears in a straight line!! It will be so cute to carry a Night light Pikachu purse on the street, I might fix this after this class.
I have really poor knowledge on physics, so I had a lot of problem of making a reasonable circuit. I was thinking about to design the lights but I didn’t realize the power will just be the battery box. But anyway, after I looked around classmate’s work I finally get the idea of this. Unfortunately, this circuit does not light up as it supposed to be, I wish it’s not because I designed it wrong, it perhaps because my clumsy soldering skills. I will definitely practice more!

Facial Cleaner Teardown

Components and how it made

  1. Rubber shell: Injection molding
  2. Botton tape: Sticker print
  3. Charger area: (Plastic + metal)Injection molding
  4. Charger light cover: Injection molding
  5. Plastic shell: Injection molding
  6. Plastic shell: Injection molding
  7. Screw and nail: Metal cutting
  8. Screw and nail: Metal cutting
  9. Fasten tape
  10. Plastic piece: Injection molding
  11. Circuit: Welding
  12. Circuit: Welding
  13. Charger
  14. Pump


  1. Screwdriver
  2. Cutting knife

Circuit functions:

  1. 11:MR-1595N –Main Switch
  2. 12:MR-1595_LED –Lights control

Interesting Design Element

Firstly I really like the rubber shell outside, the rubber has different texture in different area for different function. I knew this product is waterproofed but I didn’t understand how it works. I thought my first step would be cut the rubber and then I noticed there are nails hide between the charger area and the body part. When I trying to pear it off I noticed how it covers the plastic and how it proofs water– it sticks and holds the plastic tightly and then has been fastened by nails on the bottom.

What come next is when I trying to go further to see what’s inside, it was hard to open the plastic shell. I used cutting knife to test if there is anyplace could open but apparently they have been glued tight. So I decide to destroy the corner of the switch cuz it’s the only place that is flexible. I didn’t expect this vibrate machine is that small though, also the power supply is slightly bigger than I thought too!