Susan’s Final Project

1 The first idea is make a physical clock that could help me visually follow my 8 hours diet plan. I am thinking about to change my old IKEA clock but also could planning to make a new one.

2 I am so bothered by the cat pee issue, trying to find a way to solve this problem. I haven’t figure out what is the possible method/sensor to make it work.

3 A mirror that could help me on the time management/distraction issue, if I pick it up too many times in a period of time, then it will give me some visual feedback.

One thought on “Susan’s Final Project”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Susan! Some thoughts:
    1. how would the clock visualize your diet? are you doing intermittent fasting (have a range of hours when it’s ok to eat, and a range when it’s not)? I’m having trouble understanding the link between the clock and the food, and how you envision the clock helping you. Please elaborate more and I can give more specific advice.
    2. there are gas sensors that can detect ammonia, the primary smell-maker in cat urine. The issue is where to place the sensor– if the cat is peeing in various spots where it shouldn’t, the sensor can’t detect things far away as well as close up. If the cat is offending in one particular place, maybe it’ll work out fine. Will Crum (class of 2018 I believe) made a project for his litterbox that has a similar concept:
    3. This is very feasible and perhaps the biggest opportunity for fun out of the three ideas posted here. You can brainstorm all kinds of outputs and choose the ones you like the best. Consider using an easy-to-trigger vibration switch, or even a photoresistor on the bottom (dark when it’s put down, not dark when it’s picked up).

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