Susan’s NeoPixel circuit and Halloween costume

Solder practice: I am so happy that this ugly solder works!

Here is my 12 unit NeoPixel circuit on Tinkercad. Since my NeoPixel doesn’t have “White” color, I hided the “PulseWhite” function to make runs more smoothly without a blank pause.

Here is the real circuit, it looped fluently.

All of my main changes are in this page:

  1. I deleted the “W”
  2. I changed the “colorWipe” function in 7 colors and hold in longer time
  3. I hided the “PulseWhite” function

Sketch Ideas for Halloween costume:

Though I drew a bunch of them just for fun and explore the ideas, I like the mask and hoodie most. I have been thinking about different solutions to the neopixel circle size and power supply. Looking for more sensors/functions on my costume.

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