NeoPixel circuit and Halloween costume

This tinkercad circuit is built based on the template with a different code. I read through the original rainbow circuit with the instruction, but realized the difficulties of changing the light appearance since it already has a very interesting loop. Then I decided to achieve something simple but unique, so I started from a simple code found in the library, and played with it by adding and changing the light color. The result looks pretty interesting to me (with each light changes from blue to green in sequence). I look forward to learning more in case of Arduino.

Costume sketches:

The first idea came into my mind was base on the elf fire, I was thinking of creating a headband you can wear with the blue fire on top of the head.

Another was developed from the a mask, then I wanted to make it cover the head while seeing through the holes in front of the costume. It would be the shape of ghost that you can wear, and maybe a voice sensor in the place of mouth, which produces red light when you speak.

My third idea is inspired from pumpkins, I’ve seen various products relate to pumpkins, there are even costumes in pumpkin shape. It makes me thinking of clothes with pumpkin accessories, so I sketched out a scarf.