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  1. After finishing the online zoom class and some homework, I got really tired and decided to go to sleep. My cat sneaks into my room and pees on my bed again.
  2. I saw the pee and I looked so upset, this is not the first time she does it. I checked the poop box and food bowl, everything was fine but the kitty just kept peeing on my bed. 
  3. I decided to make something to help her adjust her behavior. Then I figured that she only pee in a specific area on my bed.
  4. I started to test the input sensors: smell sensor and the humid sensor won’t work, cuz they only detect after she peed, the motion sensor is too sensitive, the ultrasonic distance sensor is my final pick of the input in my device. Then the output, my kitty doesn’t like the strong smell and weird noise, so I decide to make something either press the air-fresher button or make some noise. Piezo is a good choice because it is easy to test in this situation so far.
  5. When I built the circuit, I wanted to make a cover to make my device look more like a real product.
  6. Work is done. Function presenting. How the lights reflect the status of the device, how it works with different distances, how it triggers the piezo, and what message I receive from it.

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  1. Hey Susan I love this idea! This seems like a great opportunity to 3D print the enclosure and to design some way for it hang off the wall or off of the bed frame.

  2. You can buy some small breadboards. There are very small ones. You can look at the ones used in my process photos.

  3. Hey Susan, I love your idea. It looks like you pretty much have it figured out. Have you considered perhaps putting a cat toy either on the device or near it to distract the cat a bit from the beds. I mean I can’t think of anything else. Your project looks complete from my understanding. Well done

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