The Bookminder: A Meeting Countdown Bookend

Here is the link to the Bookminder Instructables Tutorial.

The Bookminder is a meeting countdown bookend that shows you how many minutes you have until your next meeting. The bookend displays the meeting time using data from If This Then That applets that connect your Google calendar to your feeds. The Bookminder is an alternative to constantly monitoring your screens in your apartment when you are on a break from zoom meetings. Not looking at your screens allows you an actual break and the minute timers are specifically customized to your schedule.


The materials I used to make the project and the form and circuit construction below.

The form of the bookend was inspired by other bookends I saw on the market that were layered pieces to create a solid form. I designed these layers to include a space for the circuit and the breadboard. Originally, I thought that I would be able to stack the display on the breadboard so I created the bookend with those dimensions in mind, but it ended up not working out that way. Since this is an interesting year, I designed the files and sent them over to the VFL to construct, which they did by cutting out MDF, laser cutting it to include the sections for my board, and attaching it together. I then hand painted it when I brought it home.

For the circuitry, I based my code and my wiring on Becky’s WIFI weather display and got her help on making adjustments to read the countdown on the display as well as got her help with the wiring.

In the future, I will adjust my bookend’s dimensions to include space for the whole breadboard and also include the depth measurements of the wires. Additionally, I would love to be able to construct the bookend myself in the future so I could get the learning experience of building. Also, for a more even paint texture, I would spray paint each layer first, let it dry, and then attach it. I didn’t do that this time since my building isn’t spray paint friendly. Also, now that I’m using the alphanumeric display I could also include additional text as well in the display in the future.