Old Samsung Phone Teardown


  1. Screen Shell- Plastic
  2. Screen
  3. Motherboard – Metal, Copper, Plastic
  4. Screws – Metal
  5. Back cover – Metal
  6. Circuit Board – Metal, Copper, Plastic
  7. Bottom part of the motherboard – Plastic, Copper
  8. Motherboard chip – Metal, Copper
  9. Home buttons – Plastic
  10. Part of the motherboard – Plastic, Copper
  11. Side volume buttons – Plastic
  12. Part of the circuit board – copper, metal
  13. Insulating tape – copper, metal

Tools Used:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Pliers

Chip Information:

SPH-W7700LCDR1.0 DR9E22SE -No information found, 095N -Quad Programmable Bipolar JFET Operational Amplifiers , A961 – Separate semiconductor transistor

Interesting Parts:

I was intrigued by two parts in this teardown. First was the screen of the phone. When I imagine the screen of the phone even with my existing phone today, I imagine a glass screen but tearing it down the actual screen was matte. This was very interesting to me to see. The materials in the inside of the phone are fitted for the internal aspects of the phone. It makes me realize that when creating the outer aesthetic parts of the product must be different materials than the inner parts of the product which are mainly focused on the functionality.

The second thing that was intriguing was all the copper insulating stickers to keep the parts down. These stickers are used to stick down the important parts of the board without coming off. As someone who has never seen the inside of an electronic, I thought this tape was fascinating.

Overall, I think this experience made me realize that in order for a product to come together, there are many different factors that goes into it. First, understanding different materials the parts are made up and how the materials can go together are important. Lastly, a product is made up is way more complicated than I thought but also in the same way simpler than I thought. If I explain myself, it is complicated because of all the different things you need to consider when making a product. But, when I was taking apart the phone it was the outer shells, screen, circuitboard, motherboard, and tape that brought it together. It was way less material than I thought.

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