Margarita’s Plush Night Light Proposal

This is the prototype I created. It is made out of thread and old cotton sweatpants.
These are the multiple views of the plush night light with different variations available for the whale’s features.

Description of plush night light: This plush night light is a customizable whale (that will eventually be purple). The whale can function on its’ own or can be transformed with two detachable parts, the horn and the dorsal fin. The night light will have blue LEDs in the fins and the tail (1 per fin and 2 in the tail). The body will have 2-4 white LEDs close to the detachable sections. The LEDs will be used the highlight the whale’s component parts. Hopefully the light placement will make it seem as if the night light is gliding in the water.

Backstory: I decided to create the plush whale night light thanks to my target user. I spoke with a friend of mine who has two children ages 3 and 6 who share a room. They both have specific features that they like in their plushies. The 3 year old likes pink and purple while the 6 year old likes legos and taking things apart. This night light would be living in their room with both of them, so I wanted to create a night light that they would both find interesting. The whale will be made in purple for the 3 year old. The whale’s detachable features were incorporated with the 6 year old in mind. Thankfully, they both like sea animals, which was the inspiration for the whale.

Parts and Materials I plan to use: I plan on using 4 blue LEDs and 2 White LEDs. I will also be using a 4.5V battery pack with switch containing 3 slots for AAA batteries. In addition I will be using heat shrink tubing for the soldering. I also plan on using purple linen as the fabric for the whale and purple thread for sewing the body. For the eyes, I plan on using gray or black thread.

Circuit Diagram:

Contains 4 blue LEDs and 2 white LEDs

Patterns and Process: My initial sketches consisted of the whale, a caterpillar with detachable butterfly wings, and an ice cream cone with detachable scoops:

Following those ideas I worked on these patterns:

These were the original patterns I made. I updated them after making my prototype after seeing that the whale looked flat and that the tail was not distinct.
These are the final patterns I ended up using to make the prototype adjustments.
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