Gaoming’s Plush Night Light Proposal


Story of night light:

idea sketches

I started sketching out ideas of night light based on both my personal interests and my family’s needs. As for a night light, it shouldn’t be either too bright or too dim to perform its function of brightening certain range of view, and that’s the reason why I decided to make the moon over my three sketches. (The other two options were either too dim as a night light, or too complicated to approach.)

The idea came from how moon is one of the most typical things at night, while developing this idea, I was imaging having a tiny moon hang in the room, so me and my family could get enough light source if wake up in the middle of the night. Since it’s a moon-shaped light, my idea was to spread out 5 LEDs inside the material to get a similar effect of a moon distributing light.

Circuit with 5 (yellow) LEDs


material pattern

For the material, I used a section of my old bedsheet with a nice color theme and pattern. I feel like it’s a good material for creating a narrative-style moon.

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