Teardrop Nightlight

This nightlight is meant to illuminate any dark bathroom. In the shape of a waterdrop, it complements the bathroom d├ęcor. The soft blue led light gets filtered through the soft fabric creating a soft blue light.

This project aims to create ambiance lighting. I plan on adding ping pong balls to help disperse the light. I will also use a sheen or polyester fabric as it will let out more light. In this case, I used cotton, and although the night light had a soft look to it, it seemed quite dim. Furthermore, it did not illuminate all around, and you can clearly see the leds. I plan on using proper polyester filling for this project. Right now, we are looking at recycled soft plastic, crammed in the toy itself. I would like to use more LEDs because it seems like this piece could use more for better lighting. I also made it 6 inches tall, and I believe the top could be a little more tapered off. I used a teardrop pattern which resulted in a more spherical look. In my next prototype I will accentuate the teardrop curves and have a pointy top on one end of the fabric and flat end on the other.

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