Isabell Park’s Plush Night Light Proposal


This will be a blue paisley printed bear-shaped doll with pearl eyes. The function will be a plush night light doll that includes a yellow LED in ribbon. The main idea is an aesthetic stress relief object.  Across the neck of the bear, the LEDs will be the main source of being the night light function. The LED will be used to be lit up as a circuit board.

These are my early sketches of the prototype.

Targeted User:

My targeted user is for users who need stress-relief. The main source of color that is used is blue which research shows that blue is a color of the sky that makes humans feel relaxed and calm. Just like the calm sea has a sense of relief when looking at it yellow is also a relaxing color which will represent the night light in this doll. This doll will have a yellow LED ribbon across the neck which will be in the room. I got inspired from the idea of a stress-ball that is used to squeeze but what about a nice trendy object that is used for décor that gives targeted users a sense of relief to the eye.

These are the materials that will used including: paisly patterns and pearl eyes.

The pattern of the print will be paisley which has been in trend in the fashion industry and the process will start with sewing of the bear’s head with the ears, then the body and arms and legs. Before, Lastly, everything will be used to sew it all together. The eyes will then come and nose will be sewn on with black thread.

These are the patterns and board that will be used to help shape the bear.
Here is the circuit board I will be using for the night light.

Parts and Materials:

I plan on using 1 LED yellow light and 1 LED blue light. I will be using a 4.5V battery pack with a switch that contains 3 AAA batteries. There will be heat shrinking tubes to cover the soldering. For the fabric will be cotton with blue paisley print, the eyes of the bear will be pearls, and I will use black and blue thread for the nose and overall body.

Here is my first attempt of my prototype.

2 thoughts on “Isabell Park’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Hi Isabell,

    I love your bear doll! I think that’s it is smart to gear this plush night light to people who need stress relief and your use of materials really emphasizes the fact that it’s a doll targeted for aesthetic stress relief. The blue paisley you chose is great and I’m excited to see how your project looks when you’re done. The stress relief concept actually reminds me of these dolls I saw on the Internet: (but I think yours won’t be creepy looking), which I hope is a good reference.

    Since it’s a doll for aesthetic relief and targeted not directly to kids, I would love to see it photographed in ‘elevated minimal spaces’ like against a white shelf or nice looking area to really make the doll stand out.

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