Qiting’s Plush Night Light Proposal

3 initial ideas

These are my three initial ideas. The first idea is a floating balloon lamp, the second one in the shape of a coin purse that lights up as soon as you turn on the light, and the last one is to change the light effect through the texture of the fabric

Description of plush night light

Cloth is a material with a certain degree of flexibility, which can change the lighting effect through some simple fabric modification. I made diamond-shaped folds by sewing. When the fabric is stretched, the folds are deformed and the light will be different.

The bedside lamp I designed for children comes in two sizes. The fabric is soft and skin-friendly, and children can place it as they want, whether it is opened, closed, or even down. There is no specific way to use it.

Description of parts & materials

Fabric (White&Black) / Led * 5 (Yellow) / 4.5V Battery Pack / 3V Battery Pack/ AAA Battery *5 / Heat Shrink Tubing