Gaoming’s Moonlight

Night light in the dark


This night light is designed for people who needs a little bit of light source in the middle of the night. it’s inspired from moonlight in the darkness and created as a moon-shaped object. The light could be either hang on the wall or placed on a closet as a light source. It contains three yellow LEDs to produce proper amount of warm light to enable people walking around or simply as a reading lamp. The use of yellow light also provides comfort than a normal white light, I’ve got night light producing white light before, and I felt it’s somehow uncomfortable seeing such bright light source in the darkness. However, warm yellow light would reduce this problem and improve one’s experience at night. My intention was to create a product that makes the user feel meaning and warm.

Materials and parts used:

Materials used to build night light and circuit

I used my old bedsheet as the material to create my night light, and filled with cotton. For my first prototype, I made the moon shape too skinny and thought it might be hard to sustain after filling with cotton and LEDs, so I made another moon which is more “rounded”. In addition, I was planning to contain five LEDs instead of three, then I realized it might be too much after testing out.

Prototype (left) and revised version (right)
Circuit diagram

While building the circuit, at first the wire was too short to separate LEDs apart in the moon-shaped object, so I measured the distance between each LED and rebuild the circuit. Another challenge I discovered was the method to hide wires and battery case within the design. I haven’t figured out a way yet, but I thought maybe a base connected to the light could work.

Complete night light

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