Margarita’s Neopixel Circuit and Halloween Costume Brainstorming

This is my customized circuit. I changed the randomized the display of the LEDs and changed the colors as well. I added a tissue in front of the lights, since I wasn’t sure if the colors were reading, as a way to show the light diffusion of the color changes. The link to the TinkerCad circuit is here:

The first is a set of glasses that displays a “Seeing Lights” costume that is inspired by glowing lanterns / fireworks that will be randomized and will pulse with neopixel rings. I would need the neopixel rings, and the sunglasses as well as little metal pieces, wires, or jewelry to add to the effect. The second is a “Pinwheel Bun ‘Crown'” that would be incorporated into a hair tie to tie around a bun and use wire and strips of LED neopixels to display the light. The third is a “Mummy Hat” that will be pieces of cloth on a floppy hat and have sections inside the rim that can be wrapped around the face and pieces of cloth falling off of the hat that would have the LED Neopixel strips. I would need the hat, neopixel strips, and the cloth I would use the grey linen from the whale I made.

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