NeoPixels – Arduino & Halloween Sketches – Anne

NeoPixels circuit and modified Arduino code

Testing completed NeoPixels circuit before tinkering with code. Changes to original Arduino code from light 4 neopixels to light 8 neopixels.

Edited version of NeoPixel to make a “Pride” effect of rippling rainbow:

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Halloween Costume Ideas and Sketches:

I’m going to attempt a Halloween wearable that lights up with a tilt switch. After sketching a few ideas, I’m settling on a witch’s hat as it has plenty of space to put circuits, battery pack and Arduino. I’m planning on doing a version the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. I’ve found a few Arduino Sorting Hat projects online, but am planning my own spin on this. Right now I’d like to see if I can get a simple animation for the mouth and one brow with a servo motor, light the eyes and play sound. I’m on the fence about whether to use a tilt sensor or a PIR sensor to activate the effects. Given that this is Zoom, I may go with a tilt sensor.

Parts will include:

  • fabric, chipboard and wire for constructing the hat
  • Arduino Uno
  • Eyes: There are 3 options from simplest to most complicated: easy: 2 super bright red lens and a bit more complicated: two neopixel jewels or maybe just single neopixels. Final option, two 8×8 LED matrix — more complicated but can do moving eyeball effect.
  • Mouth accent and light fall over wearer’s face: either single lens or neopixels
  • tilt switch
  • battery or lipoly batteries
  • if I am able to take this further to add voice, then the Adafruit #94 wave shield and speaker (there’s this kit on Adafruit: #175 wav shield and speaker kit.
  • if all this is working, then also a servo motor to move an eyebrow and lip.
  • SD card for .wav files

The function of the Sorting hat is based on a simple on/off state triggered by the tilt switch.

If the tilt switch is detected, then all the effects trigger: leds light, servo motors start and audio effect plays.

Another version of this break out some of this. As in perhaps in an “off” state some leds are on all the time, and then more effects are triggered by the tilt switch.