Stephen’s Neo Pixel and Halloween Idea

The fly on Mike Pence’s head….

For my Halloween idea, I want to make the fly that was on Mike Pence’s head during the VP debate last week. I think its so funny how much this fly was trending online, and I thought it could be a fun idea to explore. I have already found fly glasses online, and I plan on putting different colored lights that will sparkle on and off.

I had a bit of trouble soldering this week, but was able to get it together with Becky’s help. The tinkercad circut doesn’t line up completely to my video, so something is missing in the code I think. So I would love to hear from my classmates on what worked for them this week.

Here is the link to my tinkercad circut:

One thought on “Stephen’s Neo Pixel and Halloween Idea”

  1. Hi Stephen, I see your neopixel circuit in tinkercad is running the NeoPixel sample code (although I see you added more LEDs)– for the assignment you were asked to customize this code to change up the animation. When you get a chance could you please update your tinkercad circuit’s code? Also don’t forget to change the GRBW to GRB in in your Tinkercad file since they only have RGB neopixels.Thank you!

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