Isabell’s Halloween Costume

Vampire Costume

I have decided to make a vampire costume so I want to boldly use the colors red and black. The black cape costume will be made and the red colors will be covered with RGB LED lights. In order to do this, I would need:

  1. Black Cape: Black fabric
  2. RED RGB LED strips:
  3. More wires:,8088:A,9266:C,8091:A,8534:A&rmdValue=p98277150:vt-1.0.0:p209460023&isAddedCart=

All my materials are on its way.

The black cape will have the ends of the sleeves to be lit up and the hood of the cape will be lit up. If possible, I will try to use LED strips to be a possible belt.


I am not 100% sure about the circuitboard and not sure how to connect multiple strips. But with the most recent lesson from LED strip soldering lessons I will use the technique to lit up the RGB LED lights. I would need a specific code as well to make sure my LEDS are red.

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