More IoT and Final Project Planning – Margarita

Lesson Progress:

I’ve read through both articles and will continue working on them tonight and this afternoon but wanted to send over what I have worked on so far.

Speculative Bill of Materials

Project Proposal + Circuit Diagram

Bookend drafts / inspiration

I decided to go with the bookend with an LED display that shows how long you have until your next meeting / event. The display would sync up with your Google calendar using IFTT and connecting with the Arduino IO. The plan is to also add a neopixel jewel to turn on when the value in the display is equal to or less than 5 as an alert of you need to be ready to do your meeting.

If I can figure it out I would like to make two so there would be one for different people. I think I would need to create another circuit using a different ESP8266 board.

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