Number Light

The Number Light is a box with lights and a sensor that lets you know when someone is 1 foot away from your door. The number will be cut out of the main box frame. Behind it, will be a completely white compartment to disperse the light from the NeoPixel strip. A white canvas will be glued onto the cutout for smooth light distribution. Behind the LEDs will be the battery holder. The sliding side of the holder will face the back for easy battery change. The whole box will slide on two mountable sliding tracks.

Speculative material list:

  1. Feather Huzzah:
  2. Battery holder:
  3. Neo Pixel strip:
  4. PIR Motion sensor:
  5. Wire (for connections) :
  6. Soldering kit:
  7. Velcro:
  8. Sliding tracks: no good source. Still looking.
  9. Canvas:
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