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I think I will set my camera up on a tripod and not break from that shot for the majority of the video. I want to do a time-lapse of sorts at different times of day with multiple outfits on.  I might have it as a hidden camera on a go pro or just place a time stamp on it. I plan on having the kitchen to look like it would throughout the week, messy, clean and everything in between, so you can see someone eating cookies at all hours of the day.  And then at the end, I want to show the display either on the cookie jar or on the app.


The form of this device is very simple and is predetermined largely from the cookie jar itself.  I picked one with a large enough lid to hid the component parts.I really want to hid the technology as much as I possible can with this project.  I want it look like this isnt tracking anything, so you can catch cookie thieves!

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  1. Hey Stephen. It looks like you pretty much have it all figured out. I was wondering how you plan to camouflage the tech part. I see that you might want to keep it on the lid. One interesting solution would be to get a cookie mold, or shape, and then pour liquid latex ( ) in it. Then you can put all the tech on the lid and “seal” it with the latex. Maybe paint the latex like a cookie? That is just one idea. Otherwise, you can also use molding clay ( that is what’s worked in the past for me, if i wanted to mold something hard. Hope this was helpful.

  2. If it is to detect the number of openings, I think the photoresistor is also a good choice. If the brightness changes, count once.

  3. I think this is a great idea and I like the video you have. sounds like you have it all figured out. I think my only suggestion would be that it might be interesting to see how you are connecting all the pieces to the top of the lid and if they will be hidden with the exception of the sensor

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