Final project prototype & tutorial

Sketch for project and circuit:

A transparent ball with small LEDs inside, soft decoration around the object.

Google doc:


Video storyboards:

3 thoughts on “Final project prototype & tutorial”

  1. This work reminds me of Dragon Ball. Do you want to buy a dragon ball glass ball? I think this is a good idea.

  2. Hey Gaoming, I really like your idea! I look forward to seeing it done. Have you started on the code yet? I wonder how difficult that would be. I like the idea of having a ball. Have you considered maybe a glass jar? I think it would make the light diffusion interesting if you add some cotton to cover it. It would seem slick and cozy at the same time. Maybe use a terrarium glass ball ( something like tht, and then have all the tech stuff at the opning and cover it with some material. It would camouflage easily and you can use a softer material for light diffusion. Then you can decorate the outside of the glass ball by painting starts and other such details. Just an idea 🙂 Looking forward to seeing it

  3. Love the idea! I think it would be a great opportunity to use the flat base of the sphere to hide the hardware. If you’re looking for a transparent ball, then maybe look at empty crafting ornaments, they’re relatively inexpensive, clear, and some have a flat area.

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