Isabell’s Final Project – The Anti-Procrastinator

The Anti-Procrastinator in-progress:

My project’s purpose is to help users to focus and not procrastinate. The form was to make sure that the phone would be out of reach and the construction’s hardest part was the circuit and connecting it to the internet. My future projections are to making it to actually send the text and taking it further to connect a soundboard and making an alarm go off if the sensor detects the phone being taken out.

The learnings I learned through this process is that there are so many different technical difficulties you can run into with various factors that comes from it. This means that you would have to test different factors and must find the right problem to fix. If I were to take this further next time, I hope to make sure I can concisely be able to pin point the problems and be able to fix it on my own and be able to successfully get to my goal.

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