Google Home Mini Teardown

I changed my object from Netgear wi-fi extender to Google Home Mini, an old generation model I do not use anymore. It is the smallest and the cheapest model in Google Home family. I was always wondering about how big and clear sound it makes considering its size (and price range).

Fast forwarding the teardown

As you can see in the video, it consists of four main parts – Top shell (with Primary PCB attached to it), aluminum frame, Speaker driver and bottom shell.

What fascinated me during the teardown was acoustics engineering of this little gadget. If you look into it, you can easily see why Google Home Mini has wonderful sound for its size. First, speaker driver is almost as big as Home Mini itself. Second, aluminum frame which is between the top shell and the speaker driver functions as a sound diffuser which spreads sound horizontally throughout the room.

(1) Top shell
– Plastic frame covered with fabric
– Primary PCB (including dual microphone and 4 LED indicator)

(2) Aluminum frame
– Plastic pieces (Black) for better Antenna performance (Wi-fi)
– Omni sound diffuser

How sound travels inside Google Home Mini

(3) Speaker drive

(4) Bottom shell – it has power input (micro USB) and toggle switch for microphone on/off.