Jaemin’s Final Project Progress

  1. Concept
    • Name : Mountains (Air Quality Visualizer)
  2. Form (Rendered)
Material – Acrylic boards and Wooden base

Indirect lighting : Each layer of mountain diffuses light

2. Circuit Design

3. Prototype

4. Google Doc

(Work in progress)

5. Instructables Account

Jaemin’s IoT #2 and Final Project Ideation

IoT Excercise

Final Project Ideation

  • Concept name : Mountains (Air Quality Visualizer)
  • Concept illustration
  • How it works
    • Has 4 LED Strips
    • Integrates with Air Quality Index on IFTTT
    • When air quality is great (Air Quality Index is low), turns all 4 LED strips on
      • When air quality is bad (Air Quality Index is high), turns only 1 LED strips on
  • AQI Reference

Jaemin’s WALL·E

My halloween costume is Wall·E, my favorite Pixar character.


Initial Idea Sketch from week 6
Wall·E with blinking eyes (with Blue LED, changed from Red heart emoji)

Head gear
(1) Structure
I cut two blocks of blue foam and sanded those to make the head gear structure.
(2) Eyes
I started to work on the head gear first. For Wall·E’s starry eyes, I 3D printed the lens structure and added two layer of PVC film.
(3) Assembly/Wiring
This was probably the hardest part in this project. Things are about to be put all together and I was afraid to ruin it all. I measured and carefully carved out the blue foam where two LEDs, the circuit and the battery go. Then taped it to put all the pieces together and finally covered the structure with decorative paper.

Cardboard costume
– Compared to the head gear, I enjoyed making the cardboard costume with no pressure, I sprayed the colored paper to the cardboard and added details with sharpie.

List of Material Used
(1) Head gear
– Blue foam
– 3D printed lens structure
– PVC filim
– Decorative color paper
– Duck tape
– Leather lace

(2) Costume
– Cardboard
– Decorative color paper

Circuit Diagram

Arduino code

Jaemin’s Halloween Progress

  • WALL-E goggle
    • Eyes : 3d printed. I’ll add layers to it to make it look like a camera lens
    • Structure : carved two blue foam blocks. I need to drill holes for the eyes and wiring for circuits
    • Band : need to add stretchy bands for assembly and to wear
  • Circuit
    • NeoPixel : changed to use LED strip (8LEDs) instead of 8X8 matrix
  • Code
    • Blinking blue LEDs : changed to blinking animation effect instead of heart emoji for look more like WALL-E character

Hot air balloon – Jaemin

Key Concept
– Small, cute decorative night light for everyone
– With hanging loop, you can hang everywhere.

Material used
– Mesh fabric (with sparse weaving) for the air balloon
– Velvet (Ivory, Light brown) for the basket and the strap
– Braided leather strip for the power button indicator and the hanging loop
– Two LEDs
– Batter pack with On/Off switch

With hanging loop, you can bring the light wherever you want

Parts detail

One LED facing the front, the other facing the back.


– Sewing sparse mesh fabric was not easy.
– Including the battery pack as part of design was also challenging.

Ideation/Circuit design

Jaemin’s Plush Night Light Proposal (Updated)

Work in progress

(1) Hot Air Balloon
– Sleep light for everyone

(2) Fluffy Candle
– Sleep light for everyone (maybe with timer)

LED lights flicker like a real candle.

(3) Rocket
– Light-up toy for kids

If you push the button, it shows flame effect several times.
Inspiration – Rocket flame effect

(4) Halo Pillow
– Fun design product for everyone

Google Home Mini Teardown

I changed my object from Netgear wi-fi extender to Google Home Mini, an old generation model I do not use anymore. It is the smallest and the cheapest model in Google Home family. I was always wondering about how big and clear sound it makes considering its size (and price range).

Fast forwarding the teardown

As you can see in the video, it consists of four main parts – Top shell (with Primary PCB attached to it), aluminum frame, Speaker driver and bottom shell.

What fascinated me during the teardown was acoustics engineering of this little gadget. If you look into it, you can easily see why Google Home Mini has wonderful sound for its size. First, speaker driver is almost as big as Home Mini itself. Second, aluminum frame which is between the top shell and the speaker driver functions as a sound diffuser which spreads sound horizontally throughout the room.

(1) Top shell
– Plastic frame covered with fabric
– Primary PCB (including dual microphone and 4 LED indicator)

(2) Aluminum frame
– Plastic pieces (Black) for better Antenna performance (Wi-fi)
– Omni sound diffuser

How sound travels inside Google Home Mini

(3) Speaker drive

(4) Bottom shell – it has power input (micro USB) and toggle switch for microphone on/off.