Jaemin’s Plush Night Light Proposal (Updated)

Work in progress

(1) Hot Air Balloon
– Sleep light for everyone

(2) Fluffy Candle
– Sleep light for everyone (maybe with timer)

LED lights flicker like a real candle.

(3) Rocket
– Light-up toy for kids

If you push the button, it shows flame effect several times.
Inspiration – Rocket flame effect

(4) Halo Pillow
– Fun design product for everyone

4 thoughts on “Jaemin’s Plush Night Light Proposal (Updated)”

  1. Cool pics. Which will you choose? I think the best for this project may be the rockets. You can get the effect of blast off by using a chiffon, tuile or crinoline.

    1. Thank you carter. I think I’ll go with the air balloon. (maybe with same flame effect)

  2. I love the halo pillow and would recommend the sketch that lights up the whole pillow. Either way, I would like one lol

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