Achi’s Plush Night Light Proposal

For my Plush Night Light I decided to create a cute chubby ghost to get in the spirit of Halloween. When I originally thought about this idea I wanted to create something that was meant for cuddling and sleeping, so I came up with the idea of a friendly ghost that protects you from other ghosts at night. But then, I noticed that this idea was boring and I was making a knockoff version of Casper the friendly ghost. Now, instead of protecting you from other ghosts, it invites other cute ghosts for a friendly spooky party every time it turns on its chubby cheeks.

This toy is meant for those creepy fun kids who like to get their spook on during Halloween. For example:

and this one…

Furthermore, I did finish the prototype that’s due tomorrow but I forgot to take pictures and I left it in the studio, but don’t worry I’ll show you during class. The final product is going to be made out of white Sherpa and black felt. and With this being said, here are a couple of process pictures:

3 thoughts on “Achi’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Hey Achi, thanks for posting those hilarious videos. I like the idea of the cheeks lighting up, but narratively, I think that would happen after the plushy ghost attracts other ghosts. So perhaps it makes more sense to have something else light up if you’re really going for the “attracting” story.

    In terms of feasibility, I think it’s totally doable. If you go for the cheeks or even the scalp/head, you could try the ping pong ball diffusion? I think that’d be cool.

  2. Since I’m sitting next to you, I see that the ghost looks great. Possible thoughts are to include different colored ping pong balls or LEDs or a mix- a pride ghost? A traditionally colored gendered ghost? Teehee. Looks good.

  3. It’s definitely a cuddly toy. I think I’d just figure out what fabric to use to make the LED light diffuse. Looking at it right now I love this soft plush fabric. I think they cheeks will have to be something a little thinner.

    Overall, super cute and adorable.

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