Erika’s Plush Night Light Proposal

I’m making a Nighttime Newt! My boyfriend’s niece loves newts, she picks them up and collects them everytime we go on a post-shower hike. ‘Newt’ was one of her favorite words she’d repeat over and over again. I thought it was a fitting nightlight plush toy project because of the glowy nature of their orange bodies.

Ideally, it’d be awesome if I can find fabric that mimics the red spots and orange like the pictures above. I’ll probably focus on finding a slightly translucent bright orange fabric, and test how the LEDs look under the material. Eyes would probably be a good idea, but I haven’t decided if googly eyes would just be tacky or fun (felt black eyes are probably my backup option).

I’d love to use about 6-10 LEDS, with a small LED on each limb (for light up hands and feet), and the row of LEDs running down the newt to its tail.

This is my quick attempt at sketching out the circuit diagram. Not sure if I did it right!

One thought on “Erika’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Looks good. Slightly ambitious but good on you. There are some patterned fabrics at Michael’s that might fit the bill for your needs.
    Can’t wait to see.

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