Corey – Terrance the Radioactive Tardigrade


Tardigrades are microscopic animals capable of surviving extreme cold, extreme heat, and even the vacuum of outerspace. They have 8 legs, 2 eyes and a mouth, and live in wet environments.

Terrance is a special tardigrade who’s about 200 times larger than any tardigrade that’s ever existed. He was accidentally exposed to extreme levels of radiation that would have killed any other living thing and instead of a tragic death, he became supersized (and emits a subtle light)!

3 thoughts on “Corey – Terrance the Radioactive Tardigrade”

  1. Hey Corey, what a unique idea!
    I’m wondering who the user would be. Maybe biology nerds?
    Seems feasible, but you may need tons of LEDs. Maybe use LED strips instead?
    I think if this creature’s story is about radioactivity, you might want to go an LED color that most closely reflects that. I’m thinking green.

    I think you should totally photograph this in some sort of fluorescent or glow in the dark environment. I don’t know how you might pull that off, maybe with glow in the dark stickers? Or in a set that has biomorphic shapes spray-painted with fluorescent paint? You’d need UV light for that (I think?).

    Anyways, the photoshoot could be lots of fun.

  2. Hi, Corey! This is a super unique idea and I love it! All I can think about is you using your photoshop skills to make the plush toy look as if it was floating in dark space with its subtle light on. A good tip I can give you is to practice the sewing patterns as early as possible, I think its a pretty difficult form to execute but not impossible.

    Best of luck!

  3. This is definitely unique! I wonder how you’ll keep the led’s in place while diffusing light. Are you going to use ping pong balls for form each part of the tardigrade?

    Love the idea of radioactivity. Maybe green would be a good LED color.

    In terms of photos, I think Monica has some good thoughts in terms of glow in the dark stickers. Maybe you could crack open a couple glow in the dark sticks and shake them on a spare piece of fabric and give it an other worldly effect.

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