Monica’s Plush Night Light Proposal

Sewing exercise from class

LED circuit and soldering exercise from class

The Story

A boy called Benjamin is waiting for his parents to come home after a day of work. Ben’s had a bad day at school and is feeling lonely. He is waiting, wondering when they’ll come home, wishing he could count down the minutes to see his loved ones.

This plush night light represents a person (a loved one) and has LEDs that draw the shape of a heart. The LEDs turn on and off in such a way that it reminds of a loading screen, or a loading animation. It means to signify that the love is coming.

Early Sketches


Parts and Materials

diffussion Exploration


Materials to use

  • Cosy fabric (main body)
  • Translucent fabric (to go above LEDs)
  • Thread
  • LED circuit with battery pack

Circuit Diagram

Tinkercad link here

2 thoughts on “Monica’s Plush Night Light Proposal”

  1. Sweet idea. I think a solid light instead of a sequential light series is also effective. I like that the fabric is solid and poor for transmitting light and only the heart area will be lit. How will you diffuse that light? I think a flannel (I have some extra white if you need) or a crinoline (which I also have extra of) would be a nice effect!

  2. I like it! I personally prefer ballon and loofah. The effects of LED are perfect in these two materials and they will make the heart looks “soft”.

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